Quarantined Dance Mix 02

Quarantined Dance Mix 02

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Dance music mixed by Tony Elwood. He's love for mixing music started in 1978 and continues today. Mixing funk, soul, classic and nu disco with a touch of fun.

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  1. 00:00
  2. 00:12
    A Real Mother For Ya (Ben Liebrand Go To A Disco Mix) - Johnny Guitar Watson, Ben Liebrand
  3. 05:20
    Move With The Beat (Michael Gray Remix) - Lou Casablanca, Michael Gray
  4. 10:23
    Get On The Funk Train (Michael Gray - Mark Knight Mix) - Anané, Michael Gray, Mark Knight
  5. 15:06
    The Bad Habits - Brothers in Arts
  6. 21:29
    Power Of The Mind (JN Redemption Mix) - Dave Lee, Billy Valentine, Jn
  7. 26:00
    Nobody Else (Original Mix) - Queen B, Lee Wilson
  8. 31:25
    Love Will Fix It (Vocal Mix) - DJ Mark Brickman, Venessa Jackson
  9. 36:34
    Nobody's Fool (Monday Night Studio Sessions Main Mix) - Rochelle Fleming, Teddy Douglas
  10. 42:04
    Show & Tell (Classic Clubmix) - Adri Block, Paul Parsons
  11. 46:22
    Rise - DJ Mark Brickman, Venessa Jackson
  12. 52:17
    Keep Making Me High (Sky High Club Mix) - Norty Cotto
  13. 56:37
    Walk Away (Original Mix) - White Ocean
  14. 62:01
    Zanzibar Theme (Disco Medley) - Crazibiza
  15. 66:00
    Soul Heaven (David Penn Remix) - The Goodfellas, David Penn
  16. 71:49
    Cry No More (Original Mix) - Yvvan Back
  17. 75:57
    I Believe (Marco Lys Extended Remix) - K London Posse, Maydie Myles, Marco Lys
  18. 82:12
    All That I Got (Club Mix) - Todd Terry, Robin S
  19. 90:09
    My Body - Amorhouse
  20. 95:15

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